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Make sure your practice appears in local search results!

local_search_maps.pngHave you ever searched for a mechanic (or any other business), and noticed that your results bring up not only links, but also a map with little flags denoting the location? This is extremely useful when you want to find the location of the business, phone number, hours of operation, and/or a link to the company’s website.

Now, do a search for your specialty in your city (e.g. “dermatologist dallas”). Does your business show up in the local links with its location marked on the Google Map? If not, you need to get  listed! Almost everyone who owns a business and uses the Internet understands the importance of getting a site listed in Google’s main results. But too often, physicians ignore the fact that Google has an entire division devoted to local businesses. Based on the fact that a doctor’s practice caters almost exclusively to locals, it’s apparent why you need to get your practice listed locally. Plus, Local Search is exploding (it’s estimated there are over 2 billion local searches each month, and growing); Local Search caters to mobile users; and it lets patients get directions to your office, contact your staff, and interact with your website. Getting listed on Local Search is easy and free. Just go to: It’ll only take a few minutes, so get your practice listed today!

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