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Sidewalk Rants: Influencer Marketing


 The Future of Influencer Marketing

Linqia is a relatively new company that has taken a word-of-mouth approach to building brands through influencers.  Maria Sipka, co-founder of Linqia, explains:

“The company uses influential storytellers to tell authentic stories among their audiences and spread the word about a company’s brand or product. The process creates an emotional connection with the audience through their stories which adds value to the company. When the emotional connection occurs, people become inspired to go on that mind journey and take action.”

In influencer marketing, someone gets excited about a brand or product, the solution that it brings, or even about the topics surrounding the product, thus compelling them to tell others about it. Regardless of whether the story is told to one person, a hundred, a thousand, a million, or 500 million, the story needs to be authentic and represented in a way that creates a connection between them and the product.

Reasons for Focusing on Influencer Marketing
When influencer marketing is done well, it allows a third party that may not work within your business to be able to communicate your message in a very subtle way.  Everyone can benefit from it because it doesn’t have to be done on the same scale.  Large brands, like Apple, might pay millions of dollars for a celebrity… while a small mom-and-pop store or a doctor’s practice might use a partner, a patient, or someone that they have already engaged with to bring them into the experience so that they can share your story and tell others.
There are already more people viewing video via the Internet than watching TV and that number is expected to grow exponentially.  Every business needs to learn how to get their story online.

Where to Find Individuals for Influencer Marketing
The best influencers are people who are already talking about your brand or product.  Start by connecting with social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and use Google or Google Search. Find out who’s talking about you.  If you are new and haven’t built a following, look to see who is talking about your industry or the solution to the problem you are solving.  Look for those people who have the right context and then evaluate whether they are reaching the audience that you want to reach.  There should be an alignment of audience there that is communicating the message in a way that reflects your values.

There are both free and paid tools that you can use to reach out to influencers once you have identified the ones who you feel will talk about you in the right context.  When you do, think about the end game.  Some influencers get paid, so there needs to be an equal value exchange.  Once you get started, you want to think about where you’d like for them to drive traffic to and how they should go about creating social posts and stories.  The most important factor that companies are looking at is personalization ~ develop content to deliver the right message at the right time.

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