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Your Target Market

The first step in branding your medical practice with healthcare marketing is to understand its many facets. The most important facet is discovering your target market. To whom do you want your marketing message to speak?

The biggest mistake made with any marketing strategy is failure to define a target market. The marketing message becomes too wide and generic if no target audience is chosen. For example, if your target audience is retirees but your marketing campaign includes commercials with children as the primary focus; your ads are not properly focused.

Take a moment to visualize your target market. Think of these people as individuals with whom you can relate and build a successful doctor-patient relationship. The more real your visualization is, the better your idea of your target audience.

Successful implementation of an effective medical marketing strategy absolutely must begin with defining your target audience. Everything else will fall into place much more easily when you discover the group of people you plan to serve. Multiple marketing strategies may be implemented based on different criteria at any given time.

How to Define Your Target Audience

The easiest way to define your target audience is to consider four specific factors. The four factors are geography, demographics, psychographics and behavior. Let’s discuss those in detail and discover your target audience.

Location: Where does your target audience live? Narrow your targeted viewing area to a few zip codes when possible. Patients who hear about a great doctor may drive a few hours to be seen. You know your physical location; take all potential road and climate issues into consideration.

Demographic: Demographics such as age, gender and occupation play key roles in defining your target audience. Also take their family composition, education level and household income into consideration before planning your marketing strategy.

Psychographic: What is the overall personality of your target audience? What is their normal behavior and lifestyle? Will they need to visit your office frequently? Will they be open minded to innovative ideas and technology?

Behavior: What are the basic and long-term needs of your target audience? What lifestyle patterns can you use to your advantage while planning your marketing strategy?

Understanding these four factors will help you define your target audience and create a captivating marketing strategy around their lifestyle and needs. You will more effectively build your brand and build your patient base when you really understand who they are.

Sources of Information

The Internet is an incredible tool when searching for your target audience. The Census Bureau holds a wealth of information that is updated on a regular basis. You will find that populations, housing, economic and demographic information is very easy to find when you know where to look.

The marketing team at ParamountMD would be glad to sit down with you and discuss your options. Marketing for medical practices is our specialty.

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