Chuback Medical Group

New Jersey-based vascular, plastic surgery, cosmetics and weightloss practice.

A premier center of excellence. 



Introducing Chuback Medical Group ~ This New Jersey based practice approached Paramount/MD for the complete launch and management of their brand.  The distinctive look we created is in keeping with the intellectual character of the brand, while also being modern and accessible. Our work included brand strategy, naming and signage, corporate identity, advertising, promotional materials, film, photography, social media channels and printed collateral.


When Medical Director and founder, John Chuback was looking to break away from his partner and develop his own practice, he looked no further than Paramount/MD.  Seeking a fresh, scaleable perspective to healthcare as well as an innovative and creative touch, we worked together to create a cross-platform brand that is as educational as it is exciting. 


To build a cohesive and educational brand across multiple platforms showcasing Dr. Chuback and his team as the leading medical experts in vascular care in New Jersey.  The aim was to build brand awareness within the vascular community and position CMG (then Chuback Vein Center) as the preeminent resource as well as the best solution for those seeking vein care. 


Deciding to lead with Dr. Chuback and his medical accumen, the brand identity was designed around him.  Originally named "Chuback Vein Center," we began with a simple yet striking logo, letterhead, signatures, newsletter, brochures, promotional items, physician referral package and signage.  A portal was developed that presented the practice an 'expert' and 'partner' in treating and eradicating vein disease in New Jersey.  Website included information on the doctor, team, facility, treatments, procedures, forms, surveys, testimonials, schedule appointments, before and after gallery, vascular lab, community work and speaking engagements. Custom photography and 22 videos were created for use on the website as well as YouTube. The Google Display Network and social media channels were branded and established.  Email marketing campaigns setup.  Next a comprehensive competitor analysis ensued and a media strategy was decided upon. Multiple ad campaigns in various print publications, both in English and Spanish were designed.  Participation with industry peer journals, associations and face-to-face meetings were strategized and executed.  And a comprehensive and aggressive content development strategy was put in place with 25 words being optimized for 1st page organic Google ranking. Tracking data software was implemented on all campaigns.


Upon the launch of the CVC/CMG brand and portal, we saw substantial usage that doubled in unique visitors monthly. Mobile has been especially fun to watch as when we began only accounted for a small percentage of usage, and now has surpassed desktop and tablet.  Our media blitz early on in many of the major outlets drove brand awareness and revenue.  With tracking measures in place, we were able to evaluate media campaigns and expenses in real time, which greatly assisted in navigating next moves for the practice.  The physician referral strategy has proven very successful and continues to be a valuable revenue pipeline into the practice.  With the success of CVC, it naturally evolved into Chuback Medical Group (CMG) and a new portal  Now servicing a wealth of minimally invasive procedures, weightloss and cosmetic concerns.  The now fully CMG website sees on average more than 2K unique visitors monthly with total page views of ~6K per month.  Lifetime numbers topping the 200K mark.  Visibility and brand awareness are at an all-time high.  Brand equity is super healthy and continuously growing. The strategy to hit the market early on with an increased marketing budget has paid off and we have now dialed down to an industry standard level. 

At PMD, we are proud to report that the results have been phenomenal for CMG.  In the near decade that we've been working together, we have helped to grow the practice, its brand and revenue substantially.  New opportunites continue to present themselves, both for CMG and for Dr. Chuback.  CMG now employs a full-time plastic surgeon as well as aesthetician alongside over a dozen full-time employees.  They also have a fully accredited vascular lab and a very strong presence within the healthcare community.  As for Dr. Chuback, he is currently motivational speaking, has established Chuback Education, written several books and continues to enjoy the drivers seat.  

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What can I say, these guys are amazing!  I've known and been working with them now for almost a decade.  When we were starting the practice, they were instrumental in helping us find our voice and grow, grow, grow.  Their techniques, industry knowledge, business acumen and white-glove service are unmatched.  They are extremely talented, and I'm happy to say have grown to become my friends.  If you want the best, you've found it!

Dr. John Chuback, Medical Director, Chuback Medical Group