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A premier center of excellence. 

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Heartland Vein and Vascular Institute has grown to become a long-time friend of Omaha's and a preeminent resource for all that is vascular.  Almost a decade ago, they sought to introduce their brand to a broader geographical area and online community thus increasing their brand's awareness and growth.  Seeking a multi-platform marketing strategy, they looked no further than Paramount/MD to shepherd their endeavors.  What we created and continue to manage is an identity strong and educational in nature inspired by their love of medicine and their community.


Located in Omaha, Nebraska, HVVI has been providing exceptional vascular care and honorable customer service since inception. As a young company, they came to Paramount/MD for a comprehensive cross-platform marketing strategy.  Upon introduction, it was immediately evident to us that the value they placed on treating their patients and partners with respect and humility was of the greatest importance. Once the brand was established, Paramount/MD launched an integrated campaign aimed at attracting a solid clientele as an authoritative source and trusted healthcare provider.  


With education in mind, the aim was to build its brand's identity and awareness throughout Omaha, greater Nebraska and Iowa as a trusted and reliable source on the proper diagnosis and treatment of venous disorders.  Looking to give patients options and answers when seeking resolution to their vascular dilemmas, HVVI desired to create a portal and center of excellence in vascular care.


Paramount/MD developed a comprehensive new approach to HVVI's communications strategy and tactics.  This included developing a storytelling framework that presented their capabilities, services and expertise in the context of today's growing venous healthcare marketplace. Supporting material included corporate identity, physician referral package with DVD and packaging, promotional materials, signage, relationship management materials, booth design, custom photography and videography.  A portal, was launched and included highly thorough educational content on conditions and treatments, as well as a patient portal, speaking and seminar information, facility, patient testimonials, FAQ's, forms, survey, virtual vein screenings, blog and vascular lab.  Mobile site created.  * 31 videos produced.  Social media channels were built, branded and launched to drive traffic and attention to the site as well as the Google Display Network.  Organic keyword optimization for first page Google rankings was set in place.  All aimed at optimizing lead generation and enhanced visibility. A robust print and television campaign was launched utilizing multiple outlets eg: broadcast, newspapers, magazines, yellowpages, physician periodicals... while B2B partnerships were established throughout the community and online.  Event design of booth and supporting materials were produced in support of an active and aggressive convention/community service initiative.  Tracking measures were secured across all platforms.  FAQ guides were built and staff was trained to handle incoming influx of leads generated.


The response to HVVI's personalized approach and cross platform strategy, both at inception and now, continues to elevate their practice.  Brand awareness is at an all-time high and their comfort-caring approach to medicine flourishing with their patients.  We've been successful in creating a predictable stream of yearly leads, allowing HVVI to hit their annual revenue goals with ease while also enjoying increases in qualified leads of 10-12% annually.

Analytics show more time is being spent on their site conversion pages, as well as funneling in through the dedicated landing pages via PPC and Inbound Marketing techniques.  This proves that visitors (ie: prospective patients) that begin their start with personalized content are more engaged with the site and practice and will spend more time looking at various pages.  Data collection software has enabled us to see what's working and continuously edit our marketing plan to accommodate shifts in patient's buying patterns.  Thus allowing for smoother and consistent lead generation.

Brand awareness continues to grow as patients and referring physicians find it easier to access HVVI's services and expertise via their online portal.  As a gateway for premier healthcare resources and comprehensive and trusted care, their website unique page views now top almost 100K.  Giving HVVI the power to maintain its position as Omaha's premier and trusted provider.  Desktop/Tablet statistics are up and Mobile shows an impressive >50% increase in % of new sessions over last years numbers and this continues to rise.  Organic search campaign has produced and maintained 25 keywords ranked on the 1st page of Google.




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In my life and in our practice, we value the time we get to spend together with people.  Connections are so important.  Working with Paramount/MD for the last seven years has, and continues to be, a solid marriage both myself and my staff are very proud of.  They're not only my trusted agency, but a true friend.  We wouldn't be where we are today without them!

Dr. Thomas Whittle, Medical Director, Heartland Vein & Vascular Institute