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Winston-Salem based NHVS, one of the leading vascular health providers in the Triad, approached Paramount/MD to evaluate and evolve its brand (then Salem Skin and Vein Specialists).  Shortly thereafter, we also oversaw their rebrand and newfound partnership with Novant Health, a leading healthcare provider with 15 hospitals and more than 350 practices offering advanced medical treatments to NC, SC, VA and GA.  Through closely collaborative strategic and creative work, we undertook the development of a number of custom advertising platforms that showcased their innovation and commitment to healthcare that is both intelligent and approachable.


The former Salem Skin and Veins had been servicing the community of Winston-Salem, NC for quite some time, offering state-of-the-art vein care and light cosmetic procedures.  They aspired to bring heightened visibility and grow profits.  In 2011, they looked to Paramount/MD for strategic positioning and data collection to better understand their practice and its revenue streams. From there an integrated marketing push would be launched and managed by Paramount/MD.


Stage One: With a dual-focused service offering (veins and cosmetic), the goal was to better understand revenue streams, and continue those profitable and withdrawal from those that were not.  Through Paramount/MD's proprietary tracking measures, core offerings were identified.  A face-lift to their corporate identity and supporting materials was completed and a cross-platform multi-channel marketing push was launched to increase market share, patient base and ROI.

Stage Two: Several years into our relationship, a strategic move was made for the practice to become part of the leading hospital conglomerate in the area, Novant Health.  The doctors relied on Paramount/MD to oversee their rebrand, market share and positioning within this new partnership and expanded reach.  With white-glove service, we managed their brand and active campaigns, maintaining their well-earned leadership in their market and newfound opportunities within the Novant Health family of healthcare.


Stage One: Conduct a thorough evaluation of their practice interviewing staff, doctors and patients, reviewing procedures, marketing materials and corporate endeavors within both sides of their practice (cosmetic & vein).  With this analysis and the data received from our proprietary tracking system, it was soon decided that the cosmetic side of their practice would be disbanded and their focus would be solely on vascular disease and its treatments. To strengthen their position as leaders in the field of venous care, the brand voice would be educational in tone, caring and approachable.  Supporting materials were created or updated to include:  corporate identity, brochures, branded forms, promotional materials, booth design and production, commercials, custom photography and videography.  A portal was created which included information regarding screenings, treatments and procedures, patient testimonials, doctors, forms, facility, insurance, education, testing, health related articles, tips on healthy lifestyles, ability to access patient portal, schedule appointments, and virtual screenings.  Mobile site established.  50 custom videos for use on site and YouTube.  Social media channels established and branded.

After a comprehensive competitor analysis, we chose to build awareness and buzz in the Triad area.  Paramount/MD launched multiple newspaper, magazine and broadcast advertising campaigns within the community.  We designed an aggressive physician referral strategy to communicate with their industry peers their authoritative venous acumen, supported with literature, outbound advertising and local event participation and sponsorships.  Local and paid advertising (Google Display Network) was established, and organic keyword optimization strategies put in place. Our content development team continuously wrote educational articles and promoted them via the Internet, social media channels and public relation outlets to draw attention to the website. We also introduced and penetrated the Spanish Market. Duplicating content and efforts as such.

Stage Two:  Building on the brand equity and established systems, we worked hand-in-hand with Novant Health's branding, public relations, videography, and web departments to make sure brand guidelines were followed in each area to the tee.  A cross platform, comprehensive update to all marketing materials was made and a fresh new website, was created and launched in line with the Novant Health brand.  We introduced the partnership within all markets and mediums, successfully keeping the momentum of our marketing endeavors, as well as maintaining quality lead generation and annual revenue growth.


By standardizing marketing techniques, streamlining communications, and enhancing their patient's experience, NHVS's Stage One and Two efforts reached above the mark numbers; thereby increasing brand awareness, qualified lead generation and appointments into the practice. Advanced tracking measures showed engagement in all campaigns, as well as increased traffic and form submission on their website.  Penetration into the Spanish market was received well and their market share continues to grow.

Since inception of the cross platform strategy and core branding initiatives, NHVS has seen a consistent increase in qualified leads averaging 20%.  The website continues to be their biggest driver, with unique visitors now at over 100,000.   PPC / Display / Mobile campaigns have shown steady year-over-year growth at 82% in the first six months and ran ~83% in 2016.  Cost Per Action has is at an impressive private number.  Organic campaign has produced and maintained 25 keywords ranked on the 1st page of Google.

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Paramount/MD has built such a strong relationship with our practice that we consider them an extension of our brand and trusted business advisors.  We know that service is just a phone or email away and that we will receive concierge-level support every time.  From large initiatives to hi-priority / short notice requests, Paramount/MD always delivers. They have helped us grow our practice and profits successfully for years now.  A pleasure to work with,  Paramount/MD always makes us feel like we are their #1 customer. 

Dr. Ray Workman, Medical Director, Novant Health Vein Specialists