New york cardiovascular Associates

Manhattan-based cardiology, pulmanary, venous, sleep and internal  medicine practice. A premier center of excellence. 

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When New York Cardiovascular Associates asked Paramount/MD to design their brand across all marketing platforms, we looked to Manhattan’s own spirit, culture, and position as a global hub for inspiration. The resulting design is a striking and contemporary overhaul that helps to strengthen NYCVA's position as Manhattan’s premier center of excellence. 


Supporting material – including corporate identity, signage, film, photography, social media channels and printed collateral – in multiple languages – extends the rebrand beyond NYCVA’s facilities and into the hearts and minds of patients living in New York.


NYCVA had been present in New York City since 2005, offering state-of-the-art healthcare yet its brand awareness was not at an optimal level.  It launched an integrated campaign, through Paramount/MD, to focus on creating platforms for educating New Yorkers on the benefits in establishing life-long relationships with their leading physicians to meet the needs of the healthcare population.


The aim was to increase brand awareness for not only the customers, but also the referring doctors, hospitals, industry partners and prospective patients, opening the doors to more opportunities and meeting the needs of the ever-growing online population.  NYCVA wanted to position itself as a gateway to accessible healthcare in NYC and beyond. The objectives were to increase total awareness of the brand as well as brand consideration for one of the largest multi-disciplinary private practices and promote its 20 physicians as leaders in the greater New York (City) area.  And to give them a voice online, which to this date had been dormant.


The core of the strategy was to project NYCVA as an 'expert' and 'partner' in providing quality and comprehensive healthcare to New Yorkers as well as the global market.  Paramount/MD launched branded platforms for education to build awareness and buzz.  A robust portal,, was created to provide hospitals, businesses, doctors and patients the ability to access quality healthcare information online regarding cardiology, veins, pulmonary, sleep and internal medicine. Patient testimonials and information regarding screenings, treatments and procedures, doctors, forms, facility, insurance, satellite offices, education, testing, health related articles, tips on healthy lifestyles, ability to access patient portal, schedule appointments, virtual screenings were available online.  Site and collateral materials were developed in multiple languages. Mobile site developed.  100 videos were produced to use on the site as well as YouTube.  A targeted organic keyword optimization strategy was introduced to capture online market share.  Educational articles, press releases, blog and social media content were created and continuously published to reinforce the 'expert' and 'partner' portion of the core strategy.  Social media channels were also created and utilized to drive referrals and traffic to the site.  Google Display Network was created and implemented to optimize lead generation within all specialties and increase ROI.  An aggressive organic and paid search strategy was implemented.  Tracking measures were implemented across all platforms.  Sales teams were briefed and educated to handle the new and healthy inquiries and leads coming into the practice.


The integrated campaigns delivered on mark and above average results across all platforms while spontaneously increasing brand awareness and sales within all specialties for their healthcare practice.  Implementation of the portal was and continues to be the highest lead generator.  Tracking and scoring metrics helped to uncover weaknesses and areas of improvement needed early on within the implementation process of our cross-platform strategies.  These were quickly addressed, revised, upgraded or dismissed in order to smooth out the pipeline of qualified leads coming into their practice.

Since inception of the cross platform strategy and core branding initiatives, NYCVA has seen a consistent increase in qualified leads of 20% - 30% annually, with impressive growth > 30% in 2016.  Brand awareness is at an all-time high as hospitals, patients and referring doctors continue to utilize their expertise as the gateway for premier healthcare resources and comprehensive and trusted care.  Website at launch doubled in visitors each month and has  grown to almost 500,000 page views, and is now at a run rate of 10,000 UV's per month, growing to be a long-term platform for the brand to educate and empower.  PPC / Display / Mobile campaigns have shown steady and impressive year-over-year growth at 162% in the first six months and ran ~70% in 2016.  Cost Per Action has is at an impressive private number.  Organic campaign has produced and maintained 35 keywords ranked on the 1st page of google.




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In just a few months of working with this agency, our practice saw dramatic improvements and continues to do so to date.  Our brand awareness as well as our Google rankings and overall site traffic has been impressive and steadily increasing annually.  In the five years we've been working together, the services we receive from their team has consistently been above and beyond our expectations.

Dr. Ed Bernaski, Medical Director, New York Cardiovascular Associates