The Secret of Our Success Really Isn’t a Secret At All. ~It’s Simply That We Listen.

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At Paramount/MD, we strive to learn everything we can about your practice and the competitive healthcare marketspace you occupy.  Once we understand your objectives, we make recommendations and share insights we’ve gained from working with others within the same industry.  It's our pleasure to help you implement solutions that are uniquely tailored to fit your business.

Research & Development
Big data has brought many opportunities and challenges to our clients.  Our consultants help you analyze, strategize, and implement effective conversion optimization tools resulting in higher profitability.
Full Funnel Overview 
The full-funnel concept is a derivative of an approach that we've been big proponents of for years. Bottom line is there is no separation between sales and marketing. It is one single flow of experiences that contribute to a prospect saying "yes" to your product or service offering.  We commonly refer to this as “click to close.”
Management and Execution
Practice makes perfect.  We continue to manage winning medical practices by consistently designing and executing custom built strategies built on years of experience.
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Entry and Contracting

Entry begins the relationship between consultant and the physician practice or organization, assessing the fit of the consultant’s skills and values with the physician or organization’s needs. Contracting continues the process of clarifying the expectations of the consultation efforts (goals, etc.) and desired characteristics of the client-consultant relationship.


Discovery and Dialogue

Though much information typically surfaces in the first phase, discovery is a systematized approach to gaining information about your practice (collected in a variety of ways.) Dialogue is a process... a collaboration between the consultant and physician's team members or organization, to derive meaning from the information gathered. 

Feedback and Decision to Act

Formally the doctor, office manager or CMO comes to a mutual understanding with the consultant about the meaning of the analysis and the areas of focus for the next consultative activities. Together we decide what to act upon and with the consultant’s help how to effectively accomplish the task.


Engagement and Implementation

Specific activities in service of the project’s goals are carried out in the client organization.  These may be led by the consultant, supported by the consultant, and/or accomplished by the organizational members alone.  Our goal is to examine, diagnose and formulate a treatment plan that is comprehensive and built with purpose. 

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Our process revolves around the evaluation, assessment, and measurement of your online marketing initiatives, structures, channels, segmentation, and allocation of resources. The result is an increase in productivity that improves your bottom line in a more effective way.

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