We help cross-functional teams solve company problems, define solutions and make decisions through a process that makes them get things done quicker and more efficiently.

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Our problem-solving and decision making workshop process is a strategic evolution of four stages. Each stage has a specific purpose that when successfully completed, will lead to the next.


What Does a Strategy Workshop Look Like?

01. Collect
Every workshop needs to start with a phase of information collection. This can be where a team comes together to collect challenges, ideas, data, inspiration, or anything that could be up for conversation. The data collection then needs to be visualized for all participants to see. The collect phase is where the scope of work for the project or challenge is defined.
02. Choose
Once enough content and data has been collected, it’s time to Choose what to focus on and what to ignore. It’s important that the entire team really knows exactly what they’re working on so they don’t create solutions for the wrong or irrelevant challenges. The Choose phase of the workshop gives clear direction and acts as a foundation for everything else.
03. Create
Once the team has collected and shared the relevant information and everybody’s on the same page with the “scope of work”, it’s time for team members to Create solutions. Solutions don’t need to be final, or even well thought-out - at this point it’s more about creating multiple potential solutions.
04. Commit
A workshop is useless without actionable takeaways, unless the goal was purely about inspiring the team. In the commit phase, we help participants to commit to a small number of solutions that will be executed on and discard/de-prioritize others, while also helping the team define next steps.
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What are the benefits of facilitating strategy workshops?

Strategy workshops create a space where the facilitator and clients can clarify goals, obstacles and opportunities together, allowing the team to attain what they have always personally and professionally strived to accomplish.

Most people don’t allow themselves time to think—they are so busy that they don’t take the time to stop and consider their goals, what is keeping them from achieving these goals and how to attain these goals.

Can your methodology be applicable to different sectors?
Yes, for the past 25 years we have worked with executives in specialties ranging from healthcare, hospitality to tech. If you have a team and you want to stop wasting time on endless meetings that don’t produce your desired outcomes, we can help.
Where and how do we meet?
Due to COVID19, most workshops are done virtually —this creates an environment where the clients don’t have to commute, allowing them more freedom and flexibility. Whenever possible, we love to meet clients in person to facilitate our workshops. That said, these days it’s more about safety and flexibility so we employ a digital whiteboarding tool called Miro.
How long are the workshops?
Strategy workshops are usually 45 to 60 minutes long. That said, and based on client needs, we can also facilitate 1-to-4 day sprint workshops. The length and frequency of each workshop is defined by the client’s needs. Some clients are driven to achieve results immediately, so they schedule weekly sessions. Others workshops need 2-to-3 weeks of post data collection and schedule their sessions every other week or every ten days.
Strategy Sprints

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