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Call tracking is a HIPAA compliant business practice that leverages technology to measure consumers’ behavior before and during phone calls. This provides data that can drive smart decisions for marketing and sales.

PMD's call tracking software precisely measures consumers’ behavior. This is accomplished by identifying which marketing and sales efforts generate the best quality and highest volume of phone calls. Call tracking also uncovers which advertising efforts do not produce results.

Call tracking helps your business get more phone calls by identifying the most effective marketing and sales efforts. It also helps drive more sales. Call tracking is essential for any business that relies on phone calls and wants to increase call volume and revenue.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Call tracking software incorporates unique tracking phone numbers. These tracking numbers are assigned to individual customer engagement points. Then when a potential customer calls from one of the engagement points, the inbound call is automatically associated with that specific marketing source. Anytime a person dials a tracking number, the call runs through the software system. The software is also able to record the conversation. Thus sources that drive the most phone calls and best leads are deemed to be the most effective. Tracking numbers are used for digital and traditional advertising and can even link to individual website visitors.

Call Tracking Benefits:

Many businesses still purchase advertising based on tradition or on gut instincts. This approach is random and wasteful.  Today, PMD's call tracking software delivers real data.  Businesses can use these data to make smart decisions that save money and grow revenue.  Additionally, these insights are usable within minutes and requires no special equipment.

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