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Director of NYU's Vein Center, Dr. Lowell Kabnick tasked Paramount/MD with evolving the online presence of his New Jersey based vein center.  In keeping with the intellectual character of the brand, we redesigned his URL to include a more modern and data-driven approach to attracting patients.  What emerged is a contemporary update to an established and esteemed brand. 


Dr. Kabnick is a world-renowned vascular surgeon who has created and improved a number of today's most advanced non-invasive surgical techniques.  He was the first vascular surgeon in the United States to perform two breakthrough procedures (laser and radiofrequency) for treating venous disease.  He joined the NYU faculty in 2007 as Director of the NYU Vein Center and subsequently needed more brand visibility, data and growth for his New Jersey based vascular practice.  With a keen focus on educating his peers, patients as well as the global community, we launched an integrated approach set on driving traffic and ROI to New Jersey.


As arguably one of the most influencial surgeons in the world of vein care, we would look to emphasize his acumen and caring nature to connect with his audience. The goal was to drive traffic and brand awareness thereby increasing visibility and ROI.  We would not only target his prospective patients, but his colleagues, referring doctors and industry partners.  The objective was to entice his personas with insightful writings and poignant videos, highlighting what his center has to offer - all while staying true to his position in the healthcare industry as THE authoritative source for all things vascular.



Seeking to attract a more targeted audience, we first set out to update his existing website with more modern sales and data-driven solutions.  Comprised of treatments, procedures, appointment scheduler, screening information, forms, patient information, before and afters, FAQ's, news, media kit, testimonials and a blog as the framework, the LKMD website would showcase a modern look with an educational tone. Also incorporated was the use of custom photography and videos (15) on the site as well as social media, YouTube and other promotions. Advanced tracking systems were implemented on all campaigns and monitored and tweaked as needed.  Social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and G+) were setup or face-lifted.  An agressive and robust content marketing and inbound strategy designed and executed. Mobile site developed.  The Google Display Network (GDN) created and managed. Organic keyword optimization strategy put in place for Google 1st page rankings.


By implementing a thorough practice analysis, via our "track and measure" data systems, we were able to identify the best revenue centers and dial down or eliminate those that were not.  With traditional media/marketing proving uneffective in genertating quality leads, our attention acutely focused online.  In the initial launch, we saw a boost in website traffice and unique patient views, with an 81% new visitor stat.  That number continued steady year-after-yea, now at the 82% mark.  We also saw that with proper phone/staff training in place, we were able to increase the number of scheduled appointments by 17.12% in the first year.  Now LKMD sees confirmed appointment scheduling.  We were also able to decrease the amount of "missed opportunity" alerts sent out in year one by 13% to date. Site volume to date at ~60K.

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Dr. Lowell Kabnick., Medical Director