Does Your Brand Need A Health Check? 

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A marketing audit is a structured survey of an organization’s marketing efforts. The audit starts with studying the way marketing is planned and managed. It delves further into what has been done and what else needs to be done.

Our team is trained specifically to focus on tightening and improving business processes. Our independent and objective methodology will give you detailed insight on a strategy and implementation plan.
This process will give you the information to formulate a detailed strategy and implementation plan.  You can implement it yourself, with the help of your current web agency or we can of course provide ongoing support to help you to generate more business.
The marketing audit involves an orderly sequence of diagnostic steps covering the organization’s marketing environment, internal marketing system, and specific marketing activities. The diagnosis is followed by a corrective action plan involving both short-run and long-run proposals to improve the markets.
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Data Collection

Assembling the information about the macro-environment, the industry, the company as well as the marketing mix is the most extensive and time consuming aspect of the marketing audit.


Information Analysis

A deep dive into evaluating the data collected provides an holistic view of the company’s marketing program. We parse the useful information and suggest requirements to make you more efficient. Conclusions are provided for your client needs, as well as incorporating corporate profitability, competitive analysis, and macroenvironment adaptation.

Preparing Recommendations

An audit report is prepared based on the strengths and weaknesses identified. We will also meet with your leadership team via conference call or at your site to discuss strengths and weaknesses as they pertain to your digital marketing systems. 



We will provide a comprehensive and data driven plan that details the development, execution and continual management of your campaign. 

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Lets Immerse Into All The Key Facets of Your Business, Where Are The Hidden Gems, The Overlooked Opportunities For Innovation and The Harmful Shortfalls.