In one of our most in-depth designs, we helped build the brand from inception... giving a voice to the working radiologist.  Our work for PET/CT MD spanned online brand strategy, identity, website architecture and design.  Turning it into a real resource for the "working radiologist" and truly the first of its kind.

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Despite a plethora of textbooks, medical conferences, scientific journals and an array of information (and misinformation) on the web, there still existed no comprehensive resource designed specifically for the working PET/CT radiologist.  Knowing first-hand, the struggles working radiologists meet with daily, author Steve Christie set out to produce a comprehensive resource designed exclusively for the PET/CT radiologist - all in one place!


Our aim was to create a comprehensive library resource for the medical professional, all online.  This would be a closed-user group interface at the onset, with the goal of one day becoming open to the public.  The website would be used at the start as a marketing tool, then when proper funding was secured, would move into the realm of the general public.




The idea was to create a closed-user portal, that would give access to the working radiologist.  We began by giving the company a brand identity PET/CT MD.  Once the color palet and logo were established, we built the brand around a minimalistic, new age design.   Knowing PET/CT MD wanted an interactive interface, a very deep website with thousands of images, copy and video was built. Sections would include a step-by-step teaching guide, designed to make an expert of the novice reader, utilizing thousands of high-resolution images from hundreds of cases, a problem solving tool for advanced diagnostic challenges addressed in detail using specific diagnostic algorithms and case examples, and a complete PET/CT Reference Guide - the only one of its kind in the field, and the Language of Reporting where we provide very specific reporting language - phrases valuable to patients and referring clinicians.   In support, we also created an animation to simply convey the brand's style and sophistication (see below).  This would properly explain the trials and tribulations of the working radiologist, and the fantastic new solution coming his/her way. 


As the site now stands, it is the first of its kind.  With use of a private username and password, you will be taken to a very comprehensive and interactively designed resource portal for the medical professional.  PET/CT is extremely happy with the final product and is currently using it to market throughout the US.






When I had the idea to build one of the largest online radiology resources, I looked no further than Paramount/MD.  They took my vision and made it a reality.  They were a pleasure to work with and top-level professional.  I am beyond pleased with the outcome, the final product blew me away. 

Dr. Steve .,Medical Director, PETCT MD