The Agency

Our business hub is based in the San Francisco Bay with creatives in New York, Austin, Miami and London. We are a strong team of strategists, editors, copywriters, art directors, designers, internet marketers, web developers and account managers, who come from all parts of the world to contribute to our work. With the advent of new technologies and the increasing growth of bandwith and marketing automation software, we are able to develop, execute and continually manage multiple small-to-large size campaigns with custom built solutions, globally.  The new age of distributing content is here... and so is a new agency model. 

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Executive Management

Victor Sirgado

President & CEO

Born in Miami, Florida Vic grew up with art, culture and a vibrant city to call home. An expert communicator, adventurer and family man, Victor is known for creating authentic 1:1 engagements with a variety of communities, he delivers insights around an inbound marketing methodology, content performance, and drives business objectives daily with intelligent campaign strategies that focus on attracting people to products and services. 



Christine Sirgado

Chief Operations Officer

Christine is Paramount/MD’s co-founder, COO and tireless engine. She holds a degree in Business Administration and is an accomplished senior marketing and management professional with broad business experience. She has an extensive record of driving bottom-line impact for healthcare practices and providers. Christine manages all of PMD’s day-to-day operations—from working one-on-one with clients to define their brand and marketing goals, to conducting competitor analysis and strategic planning, to heading up project management, account management, PR and sales.

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