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Expand Your Reach With Video

Nothing hits the senses quite like video. It’s a powerful way to introduce your brand, showcase a product demo, explain your value proposition, teach an informational presentation or highlight what your happy customers and partners are saying about your brand.        

Create the content your customers want to watch and share with everyone they know.

With creative storytelling, you can more easily connect and inspire your audience to take action with your brand.  Tell your story with  Paramount/MD and start seeing higher conversions.  In addition to our video production services, we make sure your video reaches your viewers.  Seamlessly integrate your PMD-produced video into your larger marketing needs, from social integration to repurposing your video for digital video ads.  Video allows you the ability to build lasting relationships, generate new business leads, and ultimately convey the perfect message.

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The videos Paramount/MD created for our website and social media channels were top-notch and honestly exceeded our expectations.  In addition to being a ton of fun to work with, their guidance in the use of this new medium for our business helped to significantly increase our visibility and expand our reach.  We can't thank them enough!

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Chris Pittman, MD, Vein 911

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More Than Just Video Production

New online interfaces demand that your content captures the attention of your end users instantaneously.  That's why today's savvy businesses use a combination of video and ANIMATION to drive new visitors and convert sales leads.


Animation can tell a company's story by dynamically introducing elements that may be too difficult for video.

Ever stumbled to explain a concept?  Even one you know quite comfortably... Well, not anymore!  With animated marketing videos, you can apply storytelling aspects to easily explain any brand's business ideas.  Captivate and attract your target market by employing techniques to help them immediately identify with your brand (eg: make characters look, talk and dress like your target audience).  Identification translates into trust and empathy in your company, which in turn leads to more sales and conversions!  

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We're in love with the Conversa market animation video Paramount MD produced.  It has miraculously withstood the test of time and continues to shine at explaining what we do. 

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West Shell III, Co-founder, CEO & Chairman
Watch Conversa Health video click here

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Video & Animation Production Rates

Just like remodeling your home, the price of a video project depends on the options. Yet, video consistently outperforms every other content medium. Because of this, we want our video services to be an obvious investment, so we work hard to bring efficiency and expertise that allows us to fit any budget.  Please fill out the form below to see our simple video production rates.